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  • Model 350 Overwrapper / Bundler
    Model 350 Overwrapper / Bundler Increased Productivity through Fast Changeover. Three dimensional changeover in less than 20 minutes. Stepper motor film feed drive with dial adjustment. Scales adjustment points for fast, precise repeat setups.
  • Enhancements to Semi-Automatic Board Assembly Solution
    Enhancements to Semi-Automatic Board Assembly Solution The CHAD ClinchMaster now features a 15° tilted conveyor option and greater foot space
  • SimCad Pro 4.2
    SimCad Pro 4.2 Through an intuitive, effective and proven Graphical User Interface SimCad creates your processes with a click of a mouse, connecting them with properties and behaviors that YOU define
  • Fibre Channel Network
    Fibre Channel Network The FibreXpress Network is designed to maximize the communication and interconnect capabilities of ANSI-standard Fibre Channel
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