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Welcome to Plant Automation.com, the premier Internet community for the worldwide manufacturing automation market. This community is designed to serve the needs of manufacturing engineers, MIS professionals, plant and operations management, business executives, IS managers, plant managers, design engineers, production engineers, purchasing managers, systems integrators, production engineers, and providers of services for manufacturing locations in the process of automating their plant operations.

Visitors to Plant Automation.com include members of (SME) Society of Manufacturing Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, (IEEE) Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, (ASI) Automation Solutions International, (AIME) Association of Industrial and Mechanical Engineers and other technology based trade associations.

In this community, manufacturing professionals will find information about computer systems and software for manufacturing facilities, industrial and analytical equipment, measuring and controlling instruments, relays and controls, instrumentation, motion controls, robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, machine vision, inspection systems and systems integration for plant automation devices and systems.

The products and services described in Plant Automation.com include auto ID, bar-coding, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, ERP, manufacturing software, warehousing software, computer aided software engineering, data acquisition, distributed control systems, decision support, EDI, groupware, just-in-time, machine language, MRP, network computers, supply chain management, vision systems, robotics, instrumentation, controls, relays, motion systems, hydraulics, pneumatics and systems integration.

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Plant Automation.com was launched by VertMarkets, Inc. with two lofty goals: First, to become the leading source of technology, management and news information in the manufacturing automation market, and second, to create and foster an atmosphere in which engineers, managers, producers, purchasers and marketers in the market can easily keep abreast of developments, as well as identify and communicate with those suppliers who can satisfy their business needs.

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