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  • I-GMAXC, Intelligent Controller
    I-GMAXC, Intelligent Controller IntellOpt’s I-GMAXC is a Gensym/G2 expert system based Intelligent Controller, with a flexible and online changeable combination of common control technologies in one unified controller:
  • Stand Alone Planetary Gear Reducer The MotionMaster 7300SA is an industrial-grade gear reducer engineered to deliver a high torque capacity at a low cost. The gear reducer provides “servo-like” speeds, torqks and response at a low cost
  • Piezoresistive Accelerometers The TB Series of single-axis piezoresistive accelerometers is designed for industrial vibration monitoring and automotive test applications
  • Pneumatic Servovalve The Model 27N R-DDV Pneumatic Servovalve is designed for high-precision, closed-loop feedback motion-control systems
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