Product Showcase

  1. Toshiba TEC Thermal Printer - B-472
    The B-472's rugged stainless steel construction is designed for the harshest environments, yet is attractive for office and store environments as well. The internal media supply protects it from dust and dirt.
  2. Bar Code Module - BCM3000
    The Bar Code Module (BCM3000) is a plug-on barcode upgrade for all standard laser, dot matrix and some thermal transfer printers. The BCM3000 transforms them into powerful bar code and labeling printers. With more then 50,000 units in use worldwide, the barcode module is your easiest method to print barcodes from existing software to standard printers.
  3. Tray Handler
    The ATS Tray Handler represents the next generation in materials handling innovation. This new standard in automated part-handling eliminates costly material handling problems
  4. PC Based Barcode Verifiers - PC 6000 Range
    The Axicon range of PC verifiers provide high quality, sophisticated, yet easy to use barcode quality control. They check all aspects of the printed barcode symbol and present the verification data in a clear and comprehensive manner.
  5. Conveyance Supertrak™
    The ATS Supertrak™ is a revolution in high-speed pallet transport systems. With Supertrak, the direction, acceleration, speed and position of each individual pallet is totally programmable.
  6. Material Handling Superbot™
    The ATS Superbot™ is a new class of automated material handling technology from ATS. The Superbot™ is a dual axis robot capable of high speed at a competitive price.
  7. Silcon DP 300E Three Phase UPS
    The Silcon DP300E has the load capacity to serve a broad range of electrical equipment
  8. Uprox Proximity Sensors
    Whether you're trying to sense mild steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum or brass, you can do it with the same sensor at the same distance from the target
  9. Switching Amplifiers
    TURCK Inc. has announced MK13-222Ex0-R 2-Channel Switching Amplifiers–compact devices that incorporate 1 NAMUR DIN 19234 sensor, or 1 dry contact, per input channel and provide one Single Pole Single Throw relay per output channel
  10. eurofast® Cordsets
    TURCK Inc. has has announced new G-Series M12 Cordsets — extreme duty rubber cordsets designed to exceed most mechanical standards in punishing applications