White Paper

White Paper: Transforming Field Service Operations: Drive Costs Down And Service Levels Up With Mobility

Source: Motorola Mfg.

Many types of businesses rely daily on field service teams — from manufacturers servicing equipment in homes and businesses to utilities repairing and performing maintenance on infrastructure, reading meters, and more. Regardless of whether the function is in-house or outsourced to a third party company, the field service function is a crucial aspect of the business. Often the primary or only source of customer contact post sale, this function can make or break customer loyalties. And the effectiveness of this division can have a widespread reach throughout the enterprise, affecting everything from customer retention to company profitability. To maximize the value of a field service organization and achieve world class service levels, companies must realize maximum efficiency in all related business processes — from the dispatch of service tickets, tracking of inventory and invoices, and the completion of work orders to the ability to take advantage of cross-sell and service contract renewal opportunities and maximize staff and vehicle utilization. The ability to achieve maximum efficiency in those processes hinges upon three related core capabilities.