Case Study

Tracking With Mobile RFID At Vidrala

Source: Intermec, Inc.

The system, designed and implemented by JSV Informática y Comunicaciones using Intermec technology, has made it possible not only to eliminate pallet identification errors completely, but also to speed up internal movements and reduce handling costs.

Vidrala is a Spanish group, created in 1965 in Llodio as Vidrierías Alavesas S.A., and specialising in the production of glass containers for numerous industries, especially food and agriculture. During its 45-year history, the company’s development has been marked by its growth, especially since 2001, when a strong commitment was made to international expansion. The group now has 3 production centres in Spain (Álava, Albacete and Barcelona) and 3 international plants (Italy, Portugal and Belgium), with a total of 13 glass melting furnaces and a capacity in excess of 3.5 billion containers.

Constant innovation has been one of the group’s distinguishing features. One of its most ambitious projects has been the implementation of SAP. Within this implementation process, one of the company’s main aims was to improve its warehouse operations and per-unit tracking of pallets. JSV Informática y Comunicaciones, working together with Vidrala’s R&D&I department, was the company in charge of developing the new systems: a new pallet identification system, a new movement-location management application and the system for extracting data from SAP.