News | April 19, 2022

The ‘Octoplant' Software Solution Sets New Standards For Production Management At The Interface Between OT And IT

Reduction of production downtime and optimal protection against data loss through a manufacturer-independent backup and cyber security strategy

AUVESY-MDT, one of the global market and technology leaders for data management in highly automated industrial companies, presents "octoplant", a further development of the versiondog and AutoSave solution, which is used successfully by more than 2500 companies, including Thyssen Krupp, Nestlé and CERN. The system is a new type of data management platform which, at the interface between OT and IT, enables a manufacturer-independent and solution-neutral holistic view of all production assurance processes. Users are optimally protected against production downtime and data loss and also enjoy significantly increased cyber security.

Manufacturing companies are increasingly threatened by technically-related production failures due to the constantly growing data streams, which can cause millions in damage and are potentially a threat to their existence. The octoplant platform, which consists of eight elements tailored to different industrial needs, offers maximum protection against this danger, which clearly and precisely visualizes the safety status of all systems with the help of dashboards.

For the first time, those responsible for production can find out where programs and configurations are stored and how up-to-date they are at the touch of a finger. Based on processed production data, they can make the necessary decisions should a system fail or production come to a standstill. Within a very short time they are able to restart production and restore the default settings made as part of the machine automation. And this not only succeeds when it comes to disruptions without external influence, but also in the case of attacks by cyber criminals.

octoplant shows the current and correct status of all machine programming as well as the version history of all changes at any time and ensures maximum clarity through tabular or graphic preparation. This makes it easy to see which changes and supposed optimizations have taken place and why they were made. With the automatic system backup, you can restore an earlier status with just a few clicks, similar to what you know from classic notebook backups - not just of a single machine, but of the entire complex system, even if it consists of a few hundred or even several thousand devices and sensors as well as hardware and software components. octoplant is now available as a subscription model.