News | September 26, 2005

The New Stepper Motor With Only Ø 6mm Is Small But Useful

Click here to download a datasheet in PDF format.

The ARSAPE product program has been extended with the development of this new stepper motor. With an excellent power to volume ratio, 6 mm outer diameter, 9,3 mm length, and weighing only an amazing 1,4 grams the new ADM 0620 is the smallest, produced in series, two phase stepper motor in the world.

The motor is designed for voltages between 3 and 6 Volts (voltage regulated). The inertial moment of the rotor is a minimal 0,7 kgm2 •10-9, and the angular acceleration reaches 165 000 rad/s which means that a power rating between 125~250 mW can be achieved depending on the operating mode.

The motors have a sintered bearing in the standard confi guration but are also available with ball bearings. The operation temperature range is from –40°C up to 70°C. Various controllers are available for the motor and special controllers can be developed upon request to match any system.

The modular complement, the 06/1 planetary gearhead, is also 6 mm in diameter. The precision gearhead has a steel geartrain and is made for operating temperature up to 100°C. Available reduction ratios are from 4:1 up to 4'096:1, providing a torque up to 35 mNm.

Areas of application include precision medical instruments, optical instrumentation, security and inspection systems, microactuators and any application where the size, cost and reliability play a deciding role.