White Paper

White Paper: The A To Z Of Mobile Workforce Scheduling Optimization

For organizations that are considering a mobile workforce scheduling solution, there are a host of things to consider; cost versus benefit, change management concerns, personnel needed to implement the project and so on. What we are honing in on in this document are the finer points of an optimized scheduling solution. The goal is to arm the reader with enough information, and the right information, to choose the most optimal solution and to prepare for the implementation of that solution.

The Dynamic Nature of Service Delivery
The scheduling of field resources is an immensely varied and complex problem to solve. Within one company there can be many different types of field resources, work types, shifts and customers. For instance, within one organization you could have all of the following situations (and more):

  • Individual field resources who work four ten hour shifts a week that must respond to all orders within three days and can be pulled away to work emergencies.
  • Field resources that work together in crews, and are relocated frequently to remote areas, that work on orders weeks in duration.
  • Contractor resources that are managed just like other internal resources, but can only do certain types of work.
  • Orders for top tier customers that must be responded to within a certain period of time, or by a certain type of resource. Responding late could result in penalties paid to the customer.