News | August 8, 2002

TEKLYNX debuts TeklynxCare Support Program in North America

MILWAUKEE – TEKLYNX® International, the world's leading developer of software products for the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) marketplace, today introduced TeklynxCare to the North American market. The new support program provides TEKLYNX resellers and system integrators with a branded support offering that they can offer to their customers.

Selecting from the three-tier TeklynxCare support program, customers can choose a support program that is tailored to their needs. Customers can enroll through their TEKLYNX reseller or by contacting TEKLYNX at 888/629-4444. TEKLYNX continues to provide free support to its direct resellers.

The new TeklynxCare Program has several benefits. "For our resellers, it gives them a new level of service to offer their customers while knowing that they will receive the best support possible," said Michael Dworak, TEKLYNX global customer care process manager. "For customers, they gain timely, direct access to TEKLYNX expertise to keep their TEKLYNX labeling, print management and host connectivity systems working at peak efficiency."

Three levels of support
The TeklynxCare Program is available at three levels:

  • Free support – Customers can access free support through the TEKLYNX Web site at, e-mail support at, or through their local reseller.
  • Per-incident support – For ad hoc inquiries, TEKLYNX now offers paid-per-incident support. Support center staff work with the customer on each incident until the problem is solved, regardless of the number of times the customer contacts TeklynxCare support.
  • Premium support plan – This plan offers unlimited phone, fax, and e-mail customer support for a fixed annual fee.
TEKLYNX offers the longest support hours in the industry – 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. TeklynxCare is available directly from TEKLYNX when customers call for support at 888/629-4444, or can be purchased through TEKLYNX resellers.

TEKLYNX International is the leading software developer of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) products including software for label design, host connectivity, and data collection. Its software products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has connectivity relationships with multiple ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers. Over 200,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for supply chain automation, warehouse management, shipping and receiving, inventory control and asset management. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee with operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Canada. More information on TEKLYNX International is available at

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