Surfware's TrueMill Technology Receives 2005 Technology Of The Year Award

Source: Surfware Inc.

Westlake Village, CA - Surfware, Inc. announced that its patent-pending TrueMill technology was selected as one of the five Technologies of the Year for 2005 from IndustryWeek.

Since 1993, IndustryWeek's Technology and Innovation Awards Program celebrates the primary drivers of the world's economic progress -- innovators and technologies. The awards are given in the spirit of Josef Schumpeter, the distinguished Harvard economist and social theorist who posited more than 50 years ago that the mission of both organizations and societies should be to accelerate the pace of innovation.

TrueMill, a new tool path engine only available in SURFCAM Velocity, is revolutionizing machining worldwide by enabling astounding material removal rates previously unattainable with conventional tool path generators.

SOURCE: Surfware Inc.