News | March 30, 2004

SURFCAM 3D Offset Finishing Eliminates Hand-Finishing

Source: Surfware Inc.

(Westlake Village, California, USA, March 29, 2004) SURFCAM 3D Offset Finishing, new in SURFCAM 2003, improves surface quality of finished parts. 3D Offset Finishing calculates the toolpath based on the part's surface, conforming the tool motion closely with the features of the surface, creating precise toolpath and smooth finishes.

3D Offset Finishing adds a powerful finishing capability to an already extensive suite of machining operations. It creates toolpath based on the model's surface, conforming the motion to be parallel to the model, creating a uniform toolpath. This results in a superior finish across the entire model and reduces the need for secondary operations to finish the part. It also reduces overall cycle time because the operation produces consistent cutter chip loads, meaning that the programmer can dramatically increase cutter speeds and feeds.

Kurt Kimberling of D8, Inc. in Potlatch, Idaho, uses SURFCAM's 3D Offset Finishing in their mold shop. He states, "We use 3D Offset Finishing for just about every project we do. Before the release of SURFCAM 2003 we had to program one surface at a time and were frequently left with a visible line where the tool stopped cutting. This would have to be hand polished out. Now we can program multiple surfaces in one operation, eliminating any surface edge blend out. Finishing time has been reduced, on average by 50 percent." Kimberling specializes in aluminum packaging molds, as well as plastic injection and rotational molding. He continues, "Not only has 3D Offset Finishing reduced the amount of time and work it takes to complete a mold, we produce a superior product. Because more work is done by the machine and less by hand we produce a more accurate finish with fewer problems, such as scuffed or dinged edges."

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