News | July 16, 2019

SOBE Energy Solutions Announces Alliance To Foster Investment In Sustainable Energy Plants

Beginning with an Ohio facility, the company expects to address the increasing volume of hydrocarbon-based waste in the U.S. through innovative use of waste-to-energy technology

Dublin, OH /PRNewswire/ - SOBE Energy Solutions LLC, an owner and operator of innovative sustainable power generation technology, has engaged Earl H. Roberts Ltd. of Hong Kong to act on its behalf in securing investment funding for its portfolio of energy projects in the U.S. The portfolio will encompass raising initial financing of $990 million (U.S.) (Nine hundred and ninety million United States Dollars). The funding will be used for the construction and implementation of several state-of-the-art waste-to-energy (WTE) technology plants.

The plants will process hydrocarbon-based waste such as used tires, as well as all seven grades of plastic and electronic waste. These prolific waste streams are converted into a clean synthetic gas that can be used in burners to produce steam or chilled water, or in reciprocating engines or gas turbines to produce electricity.

Based on SOBE's micro-energy facility concept, the technology reduces customer costs and helps address the major issue of hydrocarbon-based waste in the U.S. This comes at a time when U.S. consumers are thinking anew about recycling, as at least two major non-U.S. countries have stopped taking plastic recycling and awareness is increasing around issues such as a lack of sustainable landfill space and the need for solutions to a growing excess of recyclable waste.

SOBE's phased intent is to invest $120 million (U.S.) (One hundred and twenty million United States Dollars) in Ohio. The company has purchased the assets of a District Public Utility. Subject to approval from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the new company will be rebranded SOBE Thermal Energy Systems, LLC.

Earl H. Roberts Ltd. is an international investment consultancy based in Hong Kong. It has expertise in trade and negotiating global funding for green energy, railroads, pipelines and other projects, as well as dealing with major global financial institutions and governments.

SOBE Energy Solutions, LLC, was founded to address the increasing volume of recyclable waste that the USA cannot export, transforming it into an energy alternative to fossil fuels. SOBE is supported by a team of experienced energy specialists, engineers, scientists, business professionals and academics to make its vision for a sustainable energy community a reality.

For additional information, visit or call Earl H. Roberts Ltd. 86 - 135 288 03121 (China). Or visit or email (Attn: Steve Hubbard) or call 1-678-978-1669 (U.S.).

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