Siload II Storage and Retrieval Unit

Source: Siload Retrieval Systems
Siload II Storage and Retrieval Unit Which is Operated by the Siload 2000 Software
Siload II Storage and Retrieval Unit Which is Operated by the Siload 2000 Software

Accessing storage just got easier with the introduction of Siload Retrieval Systems' new Siload 2000 on-board computer operating platform. Users of the Siload II dual-bay vertical lift automated storage and retrieval system (VL-AS/RS) store and retrieve via the machine-mounted touch screen. The simple commands, using the familiar Windows NT interface, save operator time. No external software is required for basic database use.

Siload II is a vertical twin bay storage and retrieval system which offers increased space savings over standard single bay units. With its minimal footprint and heights from 12 to 42 feet, the unit maximizes floor space. Parts can be stored on the factory floor in closer proximity of assembly operations, reducing required warehouse space and eliminating warehouse-to-assembly delivery delays. Tools, dies, aircraft and automotive parts and pharmaceuticals are just a few of the many applications for this equipment.

Both of Siload II's bays are accessed by one extractor which operates from a single control module. The extractor shuttles between bays simultaneously with lift the motion. The top-loading drawers may be called from or delivered to either of the two stainless steel work stations. The unit can accommodate up to four work stations.
Drawers, which have a 500-lb. capacity, may be compartmentalized to meet individual storage requirements. An optional pull-out drawer is also available.

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