SCADA 3000

Source: Phonetics, Inc.

SCADA 3000
The SCADA 3000 provides everything from software to modules in one comprehensive package
Phonetics, Inc.000 provides everything from software to modules in one comprehensive package.

Free, 32-bit SCADA software with built-in features:

  • Ladder Editor: the preferred language for control functions. SCADA 3000 supports up to 128 FPU variables and 4096 bits organized as 255 16-bit words.
  • C-Program Editor: for control programming, define up to 1024 variables with up to 15 characters per variable name. Run the C program synchronously or asynchronously with the ladder program.
  • PID Programming: eight built-in programmable PID control algorithms allow Phonetics, Inc.000 to operate as a feedback controller.
  • Alarm Functions: Alarm up to 64 events from any input, output variable or value that has a UAF. Program recognition time, high and low limits, and reset time. Record custom voice messages for any alarm.
  • Real Time Screen Builder: Create a custom screen to show the real-time status of I/O values and process variables. Use standard g
  • Data Logging: Store up to 50,000 samples from up to 128 I/O points or system variables (UAFs). Date and time stamp. Query multiple units and display the information in grid format.
  • Communications Manager: Communicate by data radio to keep your PC in constant communication with all connected RTUs, or by phone line if you want to receive information from RTUs on an as-needed basis. Configure up to four serial ports for radio and/or phone communication.

    Hardware Configuration:

  • 16 Universal Inputs: Contact closures, Thermistors, 4-20mA Analog, 0-5V Analog, Run time accumulator
  • 8 Outputs: Latching 2 amp relays, LED status indicators
  • 2 RS232 Ports: Local programming, Data radio communications; RJ11 Phone interface
  • LCD: 4x20 character scrolling display; user-customized content for local viewing.

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