Rolling Grilles

Source: Cornell Iron Works

Visionaire Rolling grilles can be used to protect both interior and exterior openings in malls, as well as in
Visionaire Rolling grilles can be used to protect both interior and exterior openings in malls, as well as in commercial and institutional buildings. The open design of the rolling grille allows for full visual access to the areas being protected and also allows for the free circulation of air. The grille is comprised of a series of 5/16" diameter solid aluminum (stainless or galvanized optional) rods of alloy 5056 H32 at 2" on center (11/2" optional). Supporting the horizontal rods are vertical chains formed of eyeletted aluminum (stainless optional) spaced at 9" apart. For added security, the chains may be specified to be spaced at 6" or 3". At the bottom of the curtain and housing the various locking mechanisms is the extruded aluminum tubular aluminum bottom bar. Retaining the curtain at each end are the extruded aluminum guides that are equipped with polypropylene pile runners. The guides are supported with either structural steel tubes or wall mounting angles. Many grille installations utilize structural steel tubes for support which allows for installation prior to the walls being built. The tubes are factory prepped for the attachment of all grille components. Tubes are attached to the slab below and the joists above, thereby becoming self-supporting.

Vistagard: Offers the same features as the VISIONAIRE but adds G.E. Lexan (or equal) panels to the design. The panel modules are 12" x 3", 1/8" thick, clear, flame-retardant polycarbonate material that provides for additional protection from theft of small articles through the curtain and creates a barrier against refuse, odors, and smoke. The panels are secured by bronzed molded nylon links.

Finish: Aluminum grilles are available in mill finish, clear or color anodized. Stainless steel is factory polished and galvanized steel is supplied unpainted.

Operation: Push-up, hand crank, hand chain (face of wall mounted exposed guides only) and motor operation. Push up is not recommended for grilles over 10'-6" in height or widths greater than 16'-4".

EZ Lift: Recently added to the rolling grille line is the EZ Lift package which extends the maximum width limit for push-up operated aluminum grilles from 16'-4" to 22'-0". This results in added savings for building owners.

Manual Release System: To meet building exit requirements and ADA compliance measures, a wall mounted pull handle is supplied which will disengage the motor drive and allow for the grille to open partially for egress. By releasing the pull handle, the grille returns to normal motor operation.

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