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Rockwell Automation Showcases Smart Battery Manufacturing At The Battery Show Europe

Dusseldorf /PRNewswire/ - Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced its participation in The Battery Show Europe, 18-20 June, in Stuttgart, Germany.

At this highly anticipated trade fair, the company will be showcasing its latest solutions driving the next generation of smart battery manufacturing. Rockwell Automation is a leader in accelerating advancements in battery manufacturing. Visitors to Booth 9-G20 can explore innovative solutions that are transforming factory operations in this segment, from connecting equipment and integrating facilities with enterprise systems, to enabling the digital battery passport across the supply chain.

Rockwell Automation's industry executives and technology specialists will be on hand to demonstrate how they can help battery producers revolutionize their operations and achieve smart, flexible, and low-cost operations in gigafactories that are well-positioned for the future.

"One of the biggest challenges battery producers are facing is the exponentially growing demand and the rapidly evolving technology. As a result, gigafactories must be designed in a way that allows for quick start-up, ramp-up and transformation," said Peter Mair, principal, director EMEA auto and tire EV at Rockwell Automation "We are here to help our customers navigate this journey and achieve new levels of productivity, quality, and sustainability."

Rockwell Automation's offering includes smart conveyors, intra-logistic solutions, end-to-end connectivity solutions for manufacturing equipment, digital twin technology for plant ramp-up, manufacturing execution system software (MES) for efficient production management, and data visualization tools for enhanced human-machine interaction.

"Rockwell Automation is committed to connecting not just equipment, but also processes and empowering people to get more insights," Mair said. "Our manufacturing execution system solutions act as the heartbeat of any manufacturing project, allowing to connect both the shop and management floors to enable the successful convergence between OT and IT operations for various initiatives such as continuous improvement for OEE, quality, waste and energy reduction."

Rockwell Automation also provides cloud-based software and platforms for cost savings across industries. These solutions enable seamless integration from plant floor to cloud, facilitating real-time production management.

Furthermore, Rockwell Automation and a global digital partner are enabling operational digital battery passport solutions, ensuring traceability across supply chains from mine to dispatch bay in over 80 countries. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to creating value and making a difference in the battery market.

To learn more, visit the Rockwell Automation Battery Show web page.

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