News | April 20, 1999

Psipenta USA Introduces ERP Software Product Line for Mid-Size Capital Equipment Industry

Source: Psipenta USA
Psipenta USAmpany1]] (Westwood, MA), a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the mid-size capital equipment industry, launched Psipenta 4.0, the latest release of its popular object-oriented application suite.

According to Peter Lopes, vice president of marketing for <%=company%>, "After carefully analyzing US market requirements, we found Psipenta uniquely addresses several areas our research identified as crucial for this industry. Psipenta provides greater accuracy for costing products before and after product delivery, as well as immediate access to information at any point in the lifecycle of the product or project through an integrated lifecycle management database. It also facilitates the on-time delivery of bids, drawings, milestones and product through a multidimensional user interface to operational status by product, project, customer, etc.; and supports differentiated customer service capabilities through highly flexible and configurable business processes."

Psipenta differentiates itself from other ERP providers in its vision to integrate all manufacturing lifecycles (product, project, customer, contract and service) and all processes of those lifecycles into one solution. In addition, its flexible, object-oriented product architecture (featuring more than 600 business objects) offers maximum configurability, fast implementations and easy integration with complementary systems.

According to Alice Greene, president, Industry Directions, "Capital equipment manufacturers have long lifecycles with their customers, projects, products and services that are interdependent and frequently changing. Psipenta's integrated lifecycle management solution is the first to integrate these activities and to offer a highly flexible approach for greater visibility, responsiveness and maximum profit."

The product encompasses three primary areas:

  • Order Management manages the logistics chain, from project management to integration of production. Sales is completely integrated, enabling details of delivery dates, availability and conditions. Precise quantities needed are produced with optimum use of materials and time. Staged planning enables materials and capacities to be planned simultaneously in both rough-cut and detail.
  • Manufacturing Logistics supports the implementation of the planning, data input and detail planning phases. Together with order management, it provides control over production and assistance in planning under real business conditions that also have conflicting resource demands.
  • Framework is the underlying architecture that enables Psipenta to be used on all major hardware platforms and integrated with any COM-compatible software using COM/DCOM standards. Customers can choose the system environment most suited to their needs.