ProSoft Technology's New PC56-SLS: An In-Rack PC With Wonderware Suitelink-Daserver

Source: ProSoft Technology

Add SuiteLink, DDE, or FastDDE to local or remote ControlLogix Processors with the inRAx PC56-SLS module, available primarily through Wonderware distribution channel

Bakersfield, CA - ProSoft Technology debuted its new in-rack PC with SuiteLink-DAServer for ControlLogix processors (PC56-SLS) at the Wonderware Global Sales & Marketing Conference, where it was met with enthusiasm. The PC56-SLS is the first collaboration between ProSoft Technology and Wonderware, and was first initiated at the request of General Mills, a leader in food manufacturing with global net earnings in excess of 1.2 billion dollars last year. The scale of production for General Mills requires a highly efficient, reliable, and high-speed network, capable of maintaining tight control of this extensive and sophisticated operation. The Prosoft Technology PC56-SLS can deliver this functionality because of its unique location directly in the ControlLogix chassis.

For Wonderware users, connectivity directly into the backplane of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix chassis is a cost-effective means for integrating the network with SuiteLink-compatible devices. "ProSoft's new communication further enhances our company's commitment to offering the most powerful and efficient device integration options for our mutual customers using ArchestrA technology on the Wonderware's Software Platform," said Thomas Muth, Directory Product Marketing for Wonderware.

Product Description The PC56-SLS adds backplane connectivity to local or remote Rockwell Automation®ControlLogix controllers to Wonderware's DAServer, creating a reliable connection by eliminating the need for costly middleware, simplifying installation and improving performance. The PC56-SLS is an efficient, distributed, and cost-effective solution that allows seamless access to tagged data from the ControlLogix Controller to a DAS Engine located in the module.

The in-rack PC with SuiteLink is the ideal solution for users of Wonderware software who: require high tag count systems (2000-10,000 tags), want to implement a redundant data path, or want to take advantage of running distributed "Application Objects".

Benefits of the in-rack PC with Wonderware SuiteLink-DAServer

  • Improved reliability and performance: No middleware between client software and ControlLogix hardware
  • Highly reliable applications because Application Objects are run directly from the rack
  • Easy Hardware Redundancy by utilizing two PC56-SLS modules
  • Easy-to-use configuration tools via Archestra SMC (Management Console), a graphical interface providing for configuration and diagnostic support.
  • Because the PC56-SLS works exclusively with Wonderware SuiteLink, the module is primarily available for purchase through the Wonderware distribution channel

General features include:

  • Provides data access to Wonderware clients such as InTouch
  • Space saving, in-chassis, industrial hardware for ControlLogix
  • Access to data from a ControlLogix PLC directly over the ControlBus backplane
  • Ability to read tags from networked processors
  • Supports multiple ControlLogix controllers either in the local rack or in remote racks connected via Ethernet or ControlNet (no network connection required for local processors)
  • Can be added to new or existing ControlLogix PLCs without changing the control application

SOURCE: ProSoft Technology