Proficy for Manufacturing

Source: Mountain Systems Inc.

An integrated suite of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) applications focused on optimizing all of your plant's assets
Ten years ago, companies in many industries invested heavily in automatic controls that generated considerable amounts of real-time data. Continuous process manufacturers quickly realized the value of capturing this data and deployed data historians to collect and archive time-based information for analysis. As semi-continuous, batch and semi-discrete manufacturers automated their plant processes, data historians only partially addressed their needs for analysis and plant optimization.

These manufacturers needed to capture and analyze plant information not just by time, but also by all the manufacturing events that drove the operation. Some developed in-house solutions to capture process and quality information from the plant and combine it with manufacturing events. But now there's Proficy for Manufacturing.

Proficy complements data historian technology that tracks time-based information with an event historian that tracks relational information and manufacturing events. And Proficy goes beyond the core database technologies of the data historian and event historian by offering modules for a variety of applications. These applications are configurable, off-the-shelf solutions designed to provide a rapid return on your present automation and technology investments.

Small and mid-sized manufacturers can now afford what only the largest companies could justify as recently as a few years ago. Mountain Systems provides you with solutions by leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies and by providing configurable vs. custom solutions.

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