Source: KW Software, Inc.
ProConOS is a high performance PLC run time engine designed for both embedded and PC based control applications

ProConOS is a high performance PLC run time engine designed for both embedded and PC based control applications. ProConOS is already at work in over 250,000 installations in drive systems, RTUs, robot controls and PLCs (yes, even several PLC manufacturers use ProConOS as their control engine!) So, why do control manufactures around the world rely on ProConOS? An unmatched combination of performance, ease of integration and reliability.

Preemptive, Multi-Tasking Architecture Increase Your Flexibility

ProConOS supports up to 16 independent, cyclic or event triggered prioritized tasks. Each task has a different priority and runs multiple IEC programs or function blocks at different interval times or scan rates. This sounds like a lot (and it is!) but, ProConOS' field proven prioritization scheme assures that task will always run until it's finished or it is interrupted by a higher priority task. The prioritization gives you the flexibility to put the critical control logic in a task that executes at a very high rate (every millisecond) while the less critical functions execute at a completely different interval time and at a lower priority. Rather than the single program with a top-to bottom scan like in most PLCs, where contacts are used to enable/disable different parts of the program, you can organize your logic into separate POUs and run them when needed.

Deterministic Operation Guaranteed -Down to 1 msec

KW Software knows that you need to be assured that your tasks will run when you scheduled them - EVERY time they're scheduled to run. That's why ProConOS works in concert with popular real time, multitasking operating systems (RTOS) such as VxWorks, QNX, OS 9 and many others to guarantee deterministic performance down to 1 millisecond. For popular non real time operating systems like Windows NT and DOS, KW software has written real time extensions to provide deterministic performance.

ProConOS Executes Compiled Code for Maximum Speed

While other software vendors tell you to "just get a faster CPU", KW Software realizes you cannot just throw CPU power and money at the problem. ProConOS' unique just-in-time compiler helps you get the maximum performance of your control without investing more time and money in your hardware. How? IEC 1131-3 programs are downloaded to the target where ProConOS compiles them into CPU assembly code. So unlike some programs that use the old fashioned (and slow) interpreted method, ProConOS executes compiled code to deliver millisecond execution for your demanding applications.

And You Still Can Edit Applications On-Line Without Stopping The Process

In the non-stop world of manufacturing, no one wants to stop the production process to make a simple program change. That's why we allow you to make on-line changes without stopping the process, even though we execute compiled code! How? First, you make any program change you want with MULTIPROG, and then download the new program to the ProConOS target. ProConOS will automatically compile the new code into assembly language, change a pointer in memory to the new code, and execute the new logic on the next cycle. ProConOS will then clean up the memory on subsequent scans to maintain optimum performance. All this happens on line without missing a single scheduled task from running and you get the benefits of high speed compiled code and on line editing.

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