PPT861 In-Tray 2D & 3D Inspection System

Source: PPT Vision
Automated, High Speed 2D & 3D Inspection
  • Automated, High Speed 2D & 3D Inspection
  • 2.5 Micron 'z' Resolution
  • Total Coplanarity, Mark and Package Inspection
  • Inspects BGA, CSP, QFP, SMT Connectors and other products
  • Off-line Sampling, Metrology, or Full Production
  • Patented SMI 3D Technology
  • Small Footprint

    Complete Measurement and Inspection

    The PPT861 is a high-speed, automated 3D scanning station capable of 2.5 micron 'z' resolution. Utilizing patented SMI (Scanning Moire Interferometry) 3D technology, the PPT861 delivers precise measurements at speeds many times faster than other available systems. With the addition of the optional 2D module, the system provides a comprehensive solution for all critical measurement and inspection requirements.

    Next Generation 3D Technology

    SMI 3D scanning technology employs the traditional, highly-accurate, phase-shift moire interferometry in high-speed scanning mode. It is inherently a 3D area scanning technology providing a complete part topography As a result, 3D data is collected for all leads, balls and substrates in a single scan. This enables coplanarity inspection speeds, accuracy, and robust performance unmatched by any other 3D measurement system.

    High Accuracy 2D

    The PPT861 uses PPT's industry-proven DSL, completely digital vision system, with icon-based graphical
    programming. This easy-to-use system can be configured for inspection of ball diameter, true position, lead dimensions, mark, orientation and package flaws (PVI). All measurements utilize PPT's high-accuracy, sub-pixel algorithms.

    Maximum Flexibility

    Designed for fast and easy changeovers, this manual load/unload inspection system is ideal for small lot production or high volume applications that require off-line sampling and production verification. The system provides the flexibility to scan a wide range of parts (in JEDEC or EIAJ trays) including BGA, CSP, VBGA, QFP, and TSOP as well as connectors, hard drive components and other applications. All scanning and motion parameters are programmable to allow the inspection of a broad range of component types with varying size and thickness.

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