Pointe Controller

Source: Nematron
Nematron Pointe Controller
Introducing Nematron's Pointe Controller a new class of control device that integrates the flexibility, power and communications of PC-based control systems with the ease and dependability of traditional PLCs. Pointe Controller provides fast, reliable local control while utilizing Ethernet communications and proven PC control software to deliver a breakthrough solution for today's integrated automation needs.
Nematron's Pointe Controller technology brings together local I/O control, enterprise connectivity and advanced e-control software architecture. The result is a cost effective, easy to implement, high performance controller that is just as effective in stand-alone applications as it is in distributed control or enterprise wide e-control networks. By unifying manufacturing automation and enterprise information systems, Pointe Controller sets a new standard for intelligent control. The Pointe Controller difference is it's intelligent node control. Intelligent node control means manufacturing no longer needs to be an island in the enterprise. Pointe Controller provides localized modular control along with a high-speed data interface for real-time communication. These intelligent control nodes utilize industry standard communication protocols to share information throughout the control network or enterprise wide IT system. And all required programming can be done from any authorized computer on the network. With centralized control logic, but de-centralized application control, the network becomes the controller and the entire production operation becomes a unified system for precision, productivity, and profit. The Pointe Controller extends automation capabilities previously available only in PC-based control systems to more cost conscious embedded control applications. A single control environment, offering flowchart or ladder logic programming, unifies the entire production facility, saving training and implementation costs. In addition to point of use savings on installation and maintenance, distributed control networks utilizing Pointe Controller's built-in Ethernet connectivity enjoy cost-effective integration into the enterprise data flow.