News | October 28, 2008

nMetric Announces Release Of nMetric 5.0 Product Suite For Manufacturing Performance Optimization

COSTA MESA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--nMetric LLC, the technology leader in software solutions for complex discrete manufacturing, has announced the release of its new modular nMetric® 5.0 Product Suite for factory performance optimization.

nMetric 5.0 is a comprehensive software solution that addresses many challenges faced by today's manufacturers, including throughput optimization, inventory minimization, demand visibility, supplier management and bottleneck identification, among others. The new release combines nMetric's unique scheduling engine with an MES engine, data collection and integration technology, and modules for both operational data and What If analysis.

Using patented technology, nMetric 5.0 turns each factory order into a series of Smart Jobs™ that supervise and route themselves. Smart Jobs find and book the resources they need, understand the relationship between resources and order routing, and know when each operation has to be completed to stay on schedule. Continuous feedback from all Smart Jobs provides distributed intelligence to scheduling logic, enabling each job to react to the current situation and unexpected events in real time. The patented Smart Job technology allows knowledge workers to generate a production schedule that is achievable and based on plant reality, rather than one based on planning divorced from floor actualities.

"nMetric 5.0 optimizes your unique manufacturing process, transforming the discrete complex factory into a predictable, reliable and flexible demand-driven operation," explained CEO and President Lucy Hoger. "It lets manufacturers respond to customers in record time, keep promises to deliver, and improve cash flow and profitability. With our patented Smart Job technology, nMetric 5.0 brings true business process automation to the complex manufacturing process and delivers unprecedented real-time and forward visibility. Manufacturers can finally see precisely what they can and can't do, so they can prepare for nearly any eventuality."

The product suite allows each user to have a custom interface, including a home page tailored to provide a snapshot of critical daily operations. nMetric allows planners to manage outsourced as well as in-house operations, and to define business process workflows to maximize coordination and communication among various departments. nMetric 5.0 Product Suite also allows floor operators and plant supervisors to better and more efficiently manage the operational execution and quality control process.

nMetric software is built on a flexible and nimble web-based platform which appeals to a variety of companies with a wide range of operational and technical complexities. nMetric's integration component provides a mechanism to interface with existing systems, including ERP and supply chain management solutions, so nMetric customers can leverage their existing infrastructure and investment.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, nMetric® is the creator of the nMetric 5.0 Product Suite for discrete complex manufacturing. Driven by the company's patented scheduling engine and Smart Job™ technology, nMetric 5.0 is a comprehensive factory solution. It consists of powerful, integrated production applications specifically developed to help non-linear manufacturing environments achieve true make-to-order status. The nMetric system uses real-time, closed-loop status reporting from Smart Jobs™ to provide full current and forward visibility into workload, orders and constraints. The system arranges, guides and reports on activities as they occur, and allows fine-grain control over each job at each operation to accommodate actual floor situations. This enhances schedule accuracy and keeps production moving as rapidly as possible, while avoiding expectations of unrealistic results. The nMetric 5.0 Product Suite is a unique solution that allows companies to achieve "Smarter manufacturing™", and realize a high level of efficiency, productivity, quality and reliability across factory operations.

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