White Paper

Networked Field Services

One of the most important capabilities that mobile solutions offer organizations today is the ability to provide better visibility, in near real time, into the activities and events taking place in the field. Historically, it has been difficult to ensure that quality and service standards and processes are followed on remote jobsites and in mobile environments. The lack of real time visibility often means critical operational decisions are delayed which results in the inefficient utilization of resources and assets.

Better communication and visibility to issues on remote jobsites can assure that proper policies and operational and safety processes are followed and assistance is provided when needed. The simple task of sharing data, digital images and real time updates with management and other process experts can often resolve challenging issues quickly and efficiently.

Today mobile applications on smartphones, rugged mobile handhelds and other mobile devices have enabled mobile data collection, real time database queries, alerts, mobile business processes, work order dispatch, location tracking and wireless connectivity in most locations around the world. Visibility into events and actions everywhere is a new capability for most organizations. It virtually enables managers and experts from anywhere in the world to be "digitally present" on remote jobsites. Being "digitally present" is accomplished today using a variety of tools available on most smartphones and mobile devices.