Micro Drives: The MC Series

Source: AC Technology Corporation, Inc.
Micro Drives: The MC Series
A variable frequency drive that speaks your language, the MC Series LCD display lets you know the status of the motor and machine in easy to read English
A variable frequency drive that speaks your language, the MC Series LCD display lets you know the status of the motor and machine in easy to read English. Drive set-up is especially straight forward and intuitive.

From ¼ hp to 60 hp the MC Series is ready to install, wire and put into operation. Standard products are available in steel enclosures rated from NEMA 1 to stainless NEMA 4X (IP21 to IP65). The MC is available for all major power supplies from 120 volt single phase (which outputs 230 volt three phase to the motor) to 590 volt. The MC Series drive is the top selling drive for operation of 575 volt motors in Canada!

Building a great microdrive requires listening to customers that apply them day in and day out. They need to be ready for any environment, any supply voltage and over a wide power range. And, since the machines and processes where they will be applied are so varied, they need to have the functions that lend flexibility yet still be easy to set up and operate.

Impossible? No, it's AC Tech's MC Series!

The User Manuals and Quick Reference Guides for the MC Series are available in the AC Tech Library on our website.

General Specifications
Horsepower: ¼ to 60 HP (0.2 to 44kW)

Supply Power:

  • Single Phase: 120 or 240VAC
  • Three Phase: 208, 240, 400, 480 or 590VAC
  • 50 or 60 Hz (+10/-15%)
Motors: The MC Series is designed to operate standard polyphase induction motors rated for 200, 230, 400, 460 or 575VAC from 0 to 120Hz. Operation to 1000 Hz is an available option.


  • NEMA 1 for clean environments
  • NEMA 12 dust-tight/oil-tight for dirty areas.
  • NEMA 4 water resistant for wash down areas.
  • NEMA 4X in stainless steel for corrosive or caustic environments
Standard Features
Easy setup and operation: The MC offers intuitive operator interface using plain English programming and operational information.
  • 16 character backlit display
  • Keypad for operation and programming
  • Personal computer interface using AC Tech's free TechLink Software
Motor Thermal Overload: The MC includes UL and cUL approved motor protection device for single motor applications.

The MC Drives
MC Series drives are available in two versions:

  • M1000 Series for standard applications
  • M3000 Series for process control
M1000 Series
Designed for typical constant torque applications where motor speed is controlled from the drive keypad, a 0-10vdc or 4-20ma control signal, or a standard potentiometer. The M1000 series provides bi-directional control of the motor over a range of 0 to 120Hz. High speed operation up to 1000Hz is optional.

M3000 Series
Designed for processes where set-point control is required. The PID control algorithm in the M3000 Series is applicable on both constant and variable torque loads. Applications include fans, pumps, material feed conveyors, and rock crushers to name a few.

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