Manufacturing Engineering Software

Source: ONLINE Software Labs
The Manufacturing Engineering software defines the standards concerning where and how the products and components defined in the Engineering Control module are produced
ONLINE Software Labsturing Engineering module defines the standards concerning where and how the products and components defined in the Engineering Control module are to be produced. The routing standards defined in this module provide the basic foundation upon which a variety of future system functions are later built, including lead time calculations, shop floor control, capacity planning, labor feedback and cost accounting, to name but a few.

The process of defining routings and standards begins at the work center level. The standards that are defined for each work center affect several different areas within ONLINE Software Labsturing control system. This influence is never more apparent than in the capacity planning process.

The ability to define where and how each product is to be produced is achieved through the maintenance of master, unique, helper and alternate operations. Each individual operation that is required to build an item will have a significant impact on the costing and resource planning of that item. Taken together in sequence, these operations constitute the item's standard routing.

DMACS allows you to maintain multiple routings for each item. One routing must be defined as the standard routing for each item for planning purposes; all other routings for an item are considered as alternates.

For each operation defined within a routing, DMACS provides the use of dual operation effectivity dates. This gives you the ability to phase operations in and out of a routing, thereby providing an historical record of past, present and future standard routing requirements.

Available within the standard routing maintenance process is the ability to maintain an almost endless array of description records for each operation. These descriptions are the basic instructions for each operation, and can be viewed next to their respective operations on selected routing inquiry screens and batch reports.

DMACS provides the ability to link Bill of Material components directly to the operations in which they are used. This, in turn, expedites material movement on the shop floor as component material can be issued directly to the operations where they are required. This feature also facilitates daily EPA emissions forecast reporting within the DMACS Emissions Forecasting module.

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