News | January 23, 2020

LumaSense Releases New Features For Improved User Experience In Latest Version Of Infrared Image Analysis Software LumaSpec RT

"Updated features for an improved process automation and new features for flare monitoring applications"

LumaSense Technologies, Inc., an Advanced Energy company, is releasing version 1.7 of LumaSpec RT, a robust thermal imaging software that offers high-speed, real-time data acquisition and image analysis for industrial users. This update implements multiple enhancements to some of the more frequently used tools, allowing for a better workflow and improved user experience.

“We are dedicated to continually improving the software by asking our users what we could develop to further automation or make data processing more seamless. With this release we’ve been able to implement many of their suggestions,” says LumaSense Senior Director for Product Management Lenny Shaver.

An important and ongoing area of development is the addition of more command and control functions using protocols. This allows plant operators to coordinate data and measurements using their DCS. For example, this release adds multiple methods for the DCS to trigger image and data capture. This will allow the DCS to coordinate data with plant processes.

Another addition to Version 1.7 is expanded alarm settings that will allow users to adjust alarm delays. This delay function can be used to filter noisy data and mitigate alarm “chattering.” This is useful for noisy processes or to reduce false alarms. The delay function can also be used in combination with data averaging (frame averaging) to further filter or smooth measurements.

The release includes many customer requested features, including new tools to export CSV format, tools for frame averaging, expanded data files, added alarm functions based on temperature differences and more. A comprehensive description can be requested via email to

LumaSpec RT provides users with intuitive image and data display tools to understand the thermal characteristics of their processes, equipment, and products using LumaSense Mikron M7500, MC320, MCS640, and MCL640 thermal imaging cameras. Display tools allow users to view thermal snapshots, real-time camera feeds, captured sequences, or temperature profiles.

Source: LumaSense Technologies Inc