Low Impedance Power Conditioners

Source: ONEAC Corporation
ONEAC CX Series low impedance power conditioners fulfill the requirements of industrial applications
ONEAC Corporation CX Series low impedance power conditioners fulfill the requirements of industrial applications. The conditioners are optimized for the high pulsed current-on-demand required by switch mode power supplies without the need to oversize the VA rating. The conditioners surpass the performance of ferroresonant transformers.

With voltage conversion, high frequency filtering capabilities and tight surge let-through, the series fulfills the need for step down transformers, surge suppressors and power line filters with one efficient product. The conditioner is also available on a plate for mounting within an enclosure or with chassis construction for stand alone applications, hardwiring allows easy installation.

Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 quality procedures, the conditioners have no parts that wear out. Their high mean time between failures (MTBF) backs that up.

  • Tight surge let-through: assures that conducted transient voltages won't damage equipment or compromise accuracy.
  • Low impedance technology: optimal interface with switching power supplies—handling high crest factors and inrush currents without oversizing.
  • Voltage conversion: accepting input voltages of 120V, 240V or 480V and providing either 120V, 240V or 240/120V split phase output.
  • Bi-directional filtering of high frequency conducted noise: assures reliable operation and prevents "noisy" loads from affecting sensitive electronics in the distribution system.

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