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IONETIC Boosts British Battery Plans With Global Rockwell Automation Collaboration

Partnership to help UK manufacturing startup begin production of customized EV batteries for smaller and mid-sized automotive OEMs

Brussels /PRNewswire/ - Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced a new multi-year, global partnership with IONETIC, a UK startup dedicated to making EV batteries affordable for small- to medium-sized automakers.

The cost of developing EV batteries for new vehicle designs is prohibitive for all but the highest volume automakers. This is threatening to shut many successful, long-standing OEMs out of the future market. IONETIC has the technology and the vision to change this and give many innovative brands the ability to compete now and in the future.

With its unique design platform and battery technology, IONETIC is building a one-stop-shop for battery-pack design, testing, and manufacture. By working with IONETIC, EV startup OEMs can cut the cost of EV battery development significantly. With Rockwell Automation, the company has a world-class automation and digital partner.

From factory design to the optimization of production workflows, Rockwell Automation will work with IONETIC and its partners to commence production as quickly as possible. IONETIC will use Rockwell's industry-leading automation hardware and integrated control systems, as well as software such as Emulate3D™ software to build comprehensive digital twins of its production facilities and manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions. Using simulation and modelling enables IONETIC to further generate the detailed requirements of a modular flexible production facility.

"Rockwell Automation is excited to be partnering with IONETIC," said Asa Arvidsson, regional vice president, north region, Rockwell Automation. "We're confident that the company's unique technology and approach to battery-pack design will make the EV market accessible to a greater range of automakers than before, helping the UK and Europe to meet both climate and industrial goals. We're excited to support IONETIC with our unique suite of automation and digital technologies."

"This new partnership with Rockwell Automation gives us the production and automation expertise we need to get up and running, and then scale, fast," said Stephen Large, chief manufacturing officer, IONETIC. "We're excited to partner with a world-leader in manufacturing technologies to build digital twins of our facilities and utilize decades of expertise to grow IONETIC."

James Eaton, CEO and co-founder, IONETIC, said, "We see Rockwell Automation as a long-term partner and anticipate our relationship will enable our evolution and expansion long into the future as the EV battery market grows exponentially over the next decade and more."

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