News | April 29, 1999

Intellution Rebrands Product Family to Reflect Broader Application Reach

Intellution Inc., a Norwood, MA-based maker of industrial automation solutions, announced the rebranding of its family of software as Intellution Dynamics. Formally known as FIX Dynamics, the new branding helps customers differentiate Intellution's current offerings from the original FIX HMI/SCADA application, and more accurately reflects Intellution's commitment to information exchange throughout the enterprise.

In conjunction with this announcement, Intellution released iFIX version 2.1 as the first product named under new Intellution Dynamics brand.

"Intellution Dynamics broadens Intellution's market reach, solution set beyond our traditional targets. Because Intellution Dynamics raises the bar in results by integrating the enterprise, we wanted to communicate to the marketplace and our customers that this next generation software goes far beyond a plant floor solution,"' says Steve Rubin, president and CEO at Intellution. "As a result, our customers are already experiencing significant results and resolving business challenges, which saves time and money on their bottom line."

According to Rubin, Intellution's long-term strategy has been to satisfy customer requirements for many industries within manufacturing. The relaunch of Intellution Dynamics ties together the engineering, business planning and partner strategies that Intellution has developed to address the customers' enterprisewide needs. Intellution Dynamics is complemented by products, services, support and partnerships, which provide seamless plant floor to enterprise integration.

The first product to be released under the new family name is iFIX version 2.1, human machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition software (HMI/SCADA). iFIX was formally the HMI/SCADA component of FIX Dynamics. In addition, the following FIX Dynamics components will be relaunched under the Intellution Dynamics family of solutions as indicated: VisualBatch will be renamed as iBatch, Web Server as iWebServer, and Broadcast Network as iWebCast.

The iFIX version 2.1 release includes several enhancements designed to accelerate integration and decrease application deployment time. The new embedded tag group editor allows customers with duplicate or similar equipment to create a single graphic and substitute data from the appropriate source as necessary. This allows users to quickly add similar equipment and lines to their existing systems. iFIX version 2.1 also features the following enhancements:

  • Larger iFIX Historian Database—Increased database to 20,000 historical points so that customers can access more information plantwide.
  • Unified install for Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0—Automatic install provides fast and easy access to SQL Server 7.0 during Intellution Dynamics install.
  • Online documentation in Adobe format—Customers can access only the information that they need, when they need it. This is important in regulated industries for recorded documentation.