News | April 28, 1999

Intellution Expands System Integrator Program for Successful Enterprise Integration in Manufacturing

Intellution Inc., a Norwood, MA-based supplier of industrial automation solutions, announced its Enterprise Integrator Program to provide its customers worldwide with the best-trained resources for integrating Intellution plant-floor solutions with business- level systems. By offering accredited and trained enterprise integrators on Intellution software solutions, Intellution customers will receive the expertise required to decrease implementation time of plant floor to enterprise systems including MES and ERP.

"The goal of Intellution's Enterprise Integrator Program is to connect customers with an integrator that will deliver tested tools, services and solutions for any application from the customer's plant floor to business systems," says Steve Rubin, president and CEO at Intellution. "An integrator that is trained in all aspects of integration in manufacturing will improve overall efficiencies in system implementation, resulting in reduced up-front engineering costs during system implementation and plant deployment."

As part of the Enterprise Integrator Program launch, Intellution announced a partnership with international consulting and technology firm, AnswerThink Consulting Group Inc.

As the first premier-level member of the program, AnswerThink's experience with enterprise and MES solutions and their training on Intellution's automation solutions will offer Intellution customers an expert in plant-wide solutions for each unique application.

"By partnering with Intellution, we can provide a level of service and support for manufacturing systems that is desperately needed," says Clyde Dornier, director, AnswerThink (Miami, FL). "As a result, the system deployment process is accelerated, plant floor information is maximized and our customers will experience increased productivity and enhanced process quality."

Intellution designed its automation software, Intellution Dynamics, as a software platform to develop, integrate and expand applications throughout the entire enterprise. At the heart of Intellution Dynamics is the iCore foundation, a unique, open component-based Plug and Solve framework that enables integrators and users to seamlessly integrate Intellution automation applications with best-in-class third-party components from the plant floor up into the enterprise.

In order to be a member of the Enterprise Program's top Premier Partner level, AnswerThink aligned with one of Intellution's preferred MES providers (Camstar), maintained strong strategic relationships with enterprise application providers (SAP), and is a certified Microsoft Solution Provider. In addition, the company agreed to maintain Intellution-certified staff on the Intellution products they implement.

This Enterprise Integrator Program is part of Intellution's System Integrator Program established in 1990. In addition to the Enterprise Integrator Program, Intellution is enhancing and broadening the scope of the current System Integrator Program in order to meet changing industry dynamics and provide a higher level of value to both the partners that participate in the programs and customers that seek their services. The new Intellution System Integrator Program will allow automation integrators that have extensive Intellution experience and advanced capabilities with Microsoft technology to be clearly differentiated.