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information integration, ERS 5.0, enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, business forms

Source: Macola Software
information integration, ERS 5.0, enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, business forms
Let Macola Software Grow Your Business!

Outmaneuver your competition with Macola's integrated manufacturing, distribution and financial solutions. You can beat them to new markets and provide the best customer service, while driving your profits up.

But don't take our word for it. Our customers believe it, too. In fact, 5 of the top 25 Most Successful Small Manufacturers for 1999, as rated by Industry Week Growing Companies Magazine, are Macola Software customers. These organizations know that our software is perfectly designed for growing companies.

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One of the ways Macola provides Software You'll Never Outgrow, is through its professional services and support offerings. Long before the software is purchased, you and your Macola Business Partner should identify the appropriate education, training, and implementation consulting steps to ensure that the software runs smoothly and is used properly. After the software is in place, you'll want to continue protecting your investment through updates available from maintenance and through ongoing assistance from technical support.

Implementation Consulting
You and your staff will benefit from the experience of your business partner and Macola's consultants as they share proven implementation methodologies with you. Proper planning and execution are the keys to getting your software up and running smoothly and accelerates the return on your investment. These professionals will give you realistic and individualized guidance through out entire process.

Education is critical for initial transfer of knowledge about software functionality and work process flow. The education process creates an overall understanding of what the system can do for your company, and builds the stepping stones to specific job training.

The Progression Series extensive functionality makes it a good fit for a wide range of businesses. We recommend that customization only take place after acquiring a thorough education on the standard functionality and how this functionality can help your business rather than simply changing the Macola software to function identically to your old software/processes. When customization is necessary, you have several options. Many business partners will develop modifications, or you can choose from Macola's network of Solution Partner developers, and Macola's own team of customization developers.