In-Plant Smart Wireless Solutions

Emerson Process Management recently announced the launch of in-plant Smart Wireless solutions that enable manufacturers to boost mainstream applications to the next level of reliability and operational performance

Austin, TX - Emerson Process Management recently announced the launch of in-plant Smart Wireless solutions that enable manufacturers to boost mainstream applications to the next level of reliability and operational performance. Extending Emerson's PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, the field-proven Smart Wireless solutions deliver actionable information from assets previously out of physical or economic reach, expanding predictive process and asset management in existing and new facilities.

According to Emerson:

  • Their Smart Wireless solutions combine innovative self-organizing wireless network technology and gateways with wireless-enabled industry leading Rosemount® measurement transmitters and wireless AMS™ Suite: Intelligent Device Manager predictive maintenance software, seamlessly integrated with DeltaV™ and Ovation® automation systems, or legacy hosts.
  • The Smart Wireless solutions are designed based on customer inputs received throughout the development cycle, and have been field proven through extensive user trials.
  • Their global SmartStart™ wireless service experts help customers realize the full potential benefits of Smart Wireless solutions. They help with first startup, including full network health assessment to ensure robust communications plus verification of device functionality through the chosen output (Modbus, OPC, Ethernet, etc.).
  • Incremental information gained from use of Smart Wireless solutions can enhance customer understanding of their process, and identify opportunities for improvement. It can improve response time to safety incidents, minimize emissions, and help protect the environment. It can help expand proactive maintenance, and extend the life of assets.
  • Overall, Emerson wireless trial customers have experienced 99.9 percent network reliability, extremely easy deployment, industrial strength security, long battery life, and as much as 90 percent less installed cost.
  • The company is united with its customers on the need for standards that support mainstream user needs. The company is actively collaborating in the standards development process and is bringing the company's field trial experience and use case learning's to the standards bodies. The company is guaranteeing complete support and investment in industrial wireless standards, plus an easy upgrade path for compliance to the industry standard when it is completed.
  • To make it even easier for customers to reach the next level of business improvement, Emerson is introducing the Smart Pack™ starter kit, consisting of Smart Start™ services; from 5 to 100 wireless Rosemount flow, pressure, level, or temperature transmitters; wireless gateway; and a 25-tag AMS Intelligent Device Manager software application for predictive information access with a native wireless gateway. Completely pre-engineered, checked out and configured, the network will form right out of the box, with no additional user input or setup.

Company sources added that in November, Emerson's unique on-line PlantWeb University will add more than twenty-five 15-minute courses that present a practical introduction to the technology and applications of in-plant wireless for operators, engineers and management.

Also within the next few months, Emerson say that they will start an in-plant Smart Wireless design contest aimed at inspiring process engineers to unleash their imaginations and creative engineering spirit by submitting innovative applications they have found where wireless technology delivered new insight and business benefits. Their experiences, insights, and tips will form a foundation to speed wireless usage and benefits in the new age of wireless.

The in-plant Smart Wireless™ solutions for 900 MHz applications can be ordered now in North America, and will be available in Latin America in early 2007. The 2.4 GHz solutions will launch in Europe and Asia in early 2007, and will also be available then in Latin America.

SOURCE: Emerson Process Management