News | July 23, 2002

I-Bus/Phoenix Launches IBC 2400 PICMG 2.16 Compliant Ultra SPARC(tm) IIe Single Board Computer

Source: I-Bus/Phoenix
I-Bus/Phoenix (IBP) announces the launch of the IBC 2400 CompactPCI 6U form factor Single Board Computer (SBC) for high performance and high availability embedded applications in the network core, telecommunications, and industrial sectors. Boasting the latest generation Sun Ultra SPARC IIe-based 500 MHz 64-bit processor, this PICMG 2.16 compliant SBC extends the company's leading edge line of Packet Switched Backplane products that utilise both Intel and Sun SPARC architectures for OEMs.

The IBC 2400 supports up to 2 Gbytes of main memory and 14MB of user Flash memory. It can occupy either a single master or peripheral I/O slot in a standard CompactPCI chassis and supports full I/O hot swap for maximum application availability and system serviceability. It also auto-senses and operates as a CompactPCI system slot or non-system slot SBC.

Other features include standard Keyboard, Mouse and COM ports on the front panel, and a PMC slot for user I/O or coprocessor add-on. A complete 64-bit PCI bus, PIM-compliant PMC I/O connections, and two COM ports are provided on the rear J3/J5 connectors. An optional IBC 2300 rear-mounted Transition Module provides two Ultra160 SCSI and two 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports, COM 1/COM 2 ports, and provision for a PIM (PMC I/O Module). The IBC 2300 also offers dual Ethernet to the J3 connector to support switched-fabric backplanes which allows OEM customers to develop high density, high performance compute farms without bulky cabling.

Combined with the IBP C08xx family of NEBS enclosures, the IBC 2400 forms the high performance SPARC core in the most demanding real-time communications, networking and broadcast applications.

The IBC 2400 is backed by global sales, support, manufacturing and agency approvals, in addition to OEM revision control. General availability, with full options will be from August 2002 along with the IBP Early Access Program ( that started in May 2002. Pricing for a typical configuration in OEM quantities will be $2695.