"High Efficiency Machining" On Tour

Source: Surfware Inc.

Westlake Village, CA - Surfware Inc. announced the start of its Terminal Velocity Tour. This tour will span across North America to include locations in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Salt Lake City, Tacoma, and Minneapolis. At each tour stop Surfware will provide live demonstrations of its TrueMill technology, a completely new toolpath engine that dynamically manages tool loads for reduced cycle times.

"TrueMill is revolutionizing machining as we know it," said Domenic Lanzillotta, vice president of worldwide sales at Surfware. "With this technology, advanced machining is no longer just 'high speed', its 'high efficiency' which maximizes productivity and profitability."

High Efficiency Machining combines TrueMill with various machine tool and component manufacturer's products to provide synergistic results in the manufacturing process.

"The Terminal Velocity Tour will give manufacturers the opportunity to witness first hand the difference that this technology makes in the shop," continued Lanzillotta. "SURFCAM Velocity will have an incredible impact on the future of machining."

SOURCE: Surfware Inc.