News | August 28, 2017

FilSon Supplied High Flow Duplex Basket Filters To Rolling Mill Plant In China

Xinxiang, China /PRNewswire/ - FilSon Filters, a leading manufacturer of duplex filters, today begun supplying the Chinese rolling mill plants with high flow duplex basket filters. So far, FilSon Filters has sold 20 pieces of duplex filters in two months to the Chinese clients, for oil filtration in hydraulic power units.

This new generation of duplex filters features the oversized steel housing with long-life filter element. With 6 filter elements in each of its strainer housings, these duplex basket filters have a high dirt holding capacity which ensures continuous operation.

"FilSon duplex strainers with localizable levers for smooth and safe changeover, alongside 2-position, 6-way directional valves eliminate any possible downtime," said Mrs. Kunvine Lee, FilSon Filters General Manager. "We have specifically designed these duplex basket strainers for pipeline systems with a pressure of 1.6Mpa."

The duplex basket strainers are suitable for hydraulic and lube systems in the rolling mill plants. It provide a simple and cost effective way to separate particle impurities from a variety of fluids and maximize your uptime.

Moreover, to reduce hydraulic system breakdown and premature component failure, the duplex filters are fitted with a 0.4Mpa bypass valve and a clogging indicator. Therefore, system operators can tell when to change the filter element.

This is a high flow rate accessory, whose design and filter elements perfectly fit a wide range of applications in hydraulic systems. Its filtration varies from 3 to 1000μm with a flow rate of 1300 to 15000 liters/minute.

To further reduce any possible downtime, FilSon Filters duplex basket strainers have covers that are easy to open. Easy access for cartridge removal with no special tools required. A pressure relief valve and strategically positioned lever handle allow for a smooth transition and can prevent cavitation of components, ensuring system fluids stay clean.

Also, the side dirt drain and clean side drain, ensure faster cleaning of filter, while the O-rings prevent possible leakage.

FilSon Filter designs both standard and custom duplex basket filters for a range of rolling mill plant application requirements.

About FilSon Filters
Founded in 2001, FilSon Filters has grown to be a household name in the filter cart and hydraulic strainer industry. Its replacement hydraulic, lube filtration products such as duplex filters and simplex filters, cast iron strainers and offline filtration systems, among others meet the international standards.

The precisely designed and manufactured filtration systems ensure "zero" leakage, with a contamination free operation.

SOURCE: FilSon Filters

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