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FillCheck® provides reliable, low cost, wireless overfill protection
FillCheck® provides reliable, low cost, wireless overfill protection. Many areas now require overfill protection systems that operate redundantly of existing tank gauging devices. FillCheck® is totally independent and very easy to install!

FillCheck® is completely wireless. This allows for installation in remote areas where supplying electrical power and communications wiring would be cost-prohibitive.
A self-contained, intrinsically safe radio transmitter is installed atop the tank and connected to any type of level switch. As the tank product reaches a predetermined level, the level switch closes (or opens) and the transmitter immediately sends a signal to a receiver, usually located in the control room. The receiver provides relay outputs which can be used to sound an alarm, shut off a pump, close a valve, activate a telephone auto-dialer or operate most any other device.

FillCheck™ Transmitters are extremely reliable.
Their onboard battery (which also operates the level switch circuit) has a 2 – 3 year life, and provides fully supervised operation. A supervisory signal is transmitted every 30 seconds, which contains the transmitter's ID Code and battery condition. If the receiver fails to hear from any of its transmitters, an inactive alarm is issued. Also, low battery alarms are issued about 30 days before a transmitter's battery dies.

  • Continuous fully supervised overfill protection
  • Battery powered transmitter - no electrical power needed at tank
  • Intrinsically Safe Transmitter (Class I Division 1 Groups C&D)
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Reliable fail-safe alarms
  • No FCC licensing required
FillCheck® Specifications
  • Fully supervised operation: can be programmed with thousands of unique ID codes
  • Internal battery rated –40°C - +70°C with a typical life of 2 - 3 years
  • CSA approved Intrinsically Safe for Class I Division 1 Groups C & D
  • Compatible with any type of passive switch
  • Range up to 3 km, repeaters available for greater distances or to clear obstructions

  • Displacer or weight switch used for tanks with floating roof
  • Float switches used for tanks without floating roof

  • 3 models available: 4 & 16 channel (discrete), and Serial (for computer interfacing)
  • Discrete receivers have Indicator lights for each relay showing which tanks are in alarm condition
  • Discrete receivers have LED display indicating exact tank location and type of fault(s)
  • Serial receiver can monitor hundreds of transmitters and is provided with MS Windows software
  • Receivers only "listen" for transmitters and repeaters programmed to them - multiple receivers can be used for distributed control and adjacent or overlapping FillCheck® systems
  • Receivers require 12 - 17 VDC power: AC adapter included, UPS recommended

  • Boosts signals from all FillCheck® transmitters and other repeaters
  • Weatherproof nonmetallic (NEMA 4X) enclosure can be purged for use in hazardous areas
  • Requires 18 VAC power (AC adapter included)
  • Internal 12 hour backup battery included to continue operation through power outages
  • Range up to 3 km (line of sight). Additional repeaters can be used for greater distances or to clear obstructions

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