EDI Interface Software

Source: ONLINE Software Labs
The EDI interface software is designed to update the DMACS system with transactions that originated in the EDI system
ONLINE Software LabsDI Interface (EI) module is designed to import and export trading partner data to and from selected applications within the DMACS system. For example, inbound Sales Orders (Customer Purchase Orders) and Customer Payments (or Remittance Advices) can be received and outbound Customer Invoices can be sent electronically while providing a seamless integration with all of the other modules in the DMACS system. This provides users and their trading partners with speed, accuracy, economy and improved customer service to maximize an EDI investment. The programs are used to process the various electronic files that are sent to or received from their customers and/or Valued Added Network (VAN). A VAN functions as a clearing house for electronic transactions and effectively serves as a private electronic mail service that allows our clients to be able to send or receive EDI Transaction Sets to or from multiple customers simultaneously.

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