News | January 29, 2013

DC Fawcett Announces New Automation Software That Could Revolutionize The Way Small Business And Entrepreneurs Market Their Products

New automation software that, “Thinks like a human,” can make it easier for companies to take charge of their marketing efforts says DC Fawcett.

Brandon, FL (PRWEB) - Many business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves inundated with day to day operations of running a business. “Now, that’s about to change.” says DC Fawcett.

DC Fawcett said, “What this does is allow small companies and entrepreneurs who don’t have big marketing budgets to get real content and be able to brand their products into the marketplace at an affordable cost. It levels the playing field.”

Travis Stephenson approached DC Fawcett with this new automated system that does all the hard work of content creation, finding back-links, making your site search engine friendly, and most importantly, giving it character, a hard thing to accomplish with automated software.

The automated software system is called Above the Social Matrix, and is the brainchild of Bill McRea and Mike Williams, two highly respected software engineers who deal mainly with online marketing applications.

The two software geniuses have taken the same human behavior patterns used in top games produced by Electronic Arts and incorporated it into an automated self-perpetuating business building website.

According to an article published by the Fort Mill Times, Electronic Arts (EA) highly acclaimed Madden NFL Football game has predicted the winner accurately seven of the last nine Super Bowls.

Mimicking human behavior is a hotbed of activity right now in the science and technology industry. [Singularity Hub recently reported the development of a humanoid robot that acts like a one-year old human boy.

DC Fawcett commented, “People want more human-like interaction. What this software system does for your business is like having a couple of full time staff members working around the clock on your marketing message. I thought it was a perfect match to add to my online prospect generating system.”

DC Fawcett added, “When you join the two systems, what you get is an SEO friendly, automated content creator, that drives customers to your site on your autopilot through specialized back-link methods. Sprinkle in some proven lead generation strategies that I teach, and you have a complete automated marketing campaign.”

Others feel that this type of technology is what’s killing the middle class jobs sector.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said, “The jobs that are going away aren’t coming back, I have never seen a period where computers demonstrated as many skills and abilities as they have over the past seven years.”

DC Fawcett says, “Mr. McAfee’s statement may be partially true, but Above the Matrix automated system is different. This is for entrepreneurs who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford extra staff. It helps the small companies compete by getting more done with less.”

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