Compact Sorter

Source: Crisplant Inc.
A new class of cross-belt sorter, this system specializes
Crisplant Inc. of cross-belt sorter, this system specializes in sorting small items quickly and gently. It is ideal for handling items weighing 11-lb. and under, such as books, CDs, mail, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals. The sorter requires a smaller footprint than competing systems, and can be configured to convey items either horizontally or vertically. Once inducted, products can be discharged from either side of the unit. It is made up of a number of interconnected cross-belt units that are powered by linear motors. Using an Inductive Energy Transfer System (IETS) for power, and an infrared system for data transfer, the sorter has few moving parts and is easy to maintain.

The Compact Sorter has a high throughput capacity: up to 16,000 items can be sorted in an hour. The cross belt is also designed so that items with high or low surface friction are handled efficiently and remain undamaged.

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