News | May 3, 1999

Coleman Consulting Group and Intellution Form Alliance for End-to-End MES Factory Floor Solutions

Coleman Consulting Group (Ross, CA) announced a partnership with Intellution to provide its customers more comprehensive MES solutions for the factory floor. The new partnership enables Coleman and Intellution to provide its customers with a more extensive array of full-suite MES solutions and implementation services, from sophisticated product tracking techniques to the more complex flow of integrating plant-floor data with enterprise-wide systems.

Coleman joins Intellution's System Integrator Program at the Enterprise Partner level and will continue ongoing training and accreditation programs on Intellution software. The partnership between Coleman and Intellution will provide automation software solutions that more perfectly fit each customer's manufacturing needs.

According to Mike Alexander, president of Coleman, the agreement will allow customers to build proven MES solutions and improve the way data is captured and information is delivered for manufacturers seeking solutions around scheduling operations with productivity requirements to optimize customer order delivery time. "The alliance with Intellution enables Coleman to significantly expand its portfolio of scheduling and plant floor optimization solutions," he says.

Coleman will integrate its solutions with Intellution Dynamics, a software platform to develop, integrate and expand applications throughout the entire enterprise. At the heart of Intellution Dynamics is the iCore foundation, a unique, open component-based Plug and Solve framework that enables integrators and users to seamlessly integrate Intellution automation applications.

"This partnership is a perfect example of how the iCore foundation is making it easier to develop enterprisewide solutions at a lower cost and faster time to market; allowing Intellution and its partners to deliver greater value to our customers," says David Nelson, VP, product marketing for Intellution (Norwood, MA).

iCore's Plug and Solve framework also provides a foundation to build best-in-class third-party components from the plant floor up into the enterprise. For example, Coleman and Intellution are both aligned with Realtime Information Systems Inc., which will provide seamless integration between all three solutions.

Coleman previously announced a strategic alliance with Realtime Information Systems, a Butler, NJ-based provider of the Infolink Windows NT-based MES solution, whereby Coleman has become a certified solutions partner for Realtime Information Systems.

"Senior plant management should make a commitment to the MES and the positive changes to work practices it will bring," says Realtime Information Systems CEO Ian Stone. "Many people will have their jobs affected by an MES and if it's to succeed, everyone must support it."

Coleman is a provider of end-to-end, integrated scheduling and plant optimization solutions designed to achieve operational excellence and enhanced profitability by maximizing the efficiency of labor and capital resources. Coleman has completed IT projects for Global 2000 clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, mining and pharmaceutical industries.