CIMdata Reviews Surfware's Patent Pending, SURFCAM Step Reduction Milling Software

Source: Surfware Inc.
CIMdata Reviews Surfware’s Patent Pending, SURFCAM Step Reduction Milling Software

(July 3, 2002. Westlake Village, California, USA) CIMdata, Inc., an independent industrial research and analysis service, recently released a product review of the NC software SURFCAM Step Reduction Milling™ from Surfware, Inc. CIMdata prepared this report as an independent and unbiased assessment of the functional capabilities of SRM. Alan Christman, Vice President of CIMdata, who reviewed the SRM™ product, says "SRM represents a major advancement for rough milling complex multiple surfaces. It has the potential to eliminate the need for rest roughing and feed rate optimization software world-wide."

Step Reduction Milling, featuring new patent pending technology, is a multiple tool programming procedure that creates one optimal NC program to run an entire set of tools as a single set-up process - all of which can be created in a single step. SRM reduces rough machining time by up to 50% or more and reduces NC programming time by up to 90%. This new technology represents a major breakthrough in the rough milling of complex multiple surfaces by automatically synchronizing the depths-of-cut for each of the tools used in the process such that each tool is running at its optimum material-removal parameters, all material is removed with the largest possible tool, and no tool is over taxed.

The report states "As an add-on module to SURFCAM, CIMdata believes that this function provides Surfware with leading-edge technology in this important segment of machining. It not only appreciably enhances the overall capabilities of SURFCAM, but many users may view it as an attractive standalone rough machining module within any CAM environment that should result in significant benefits. SRM is the first product in the new Advanced Machining Logic Series now being introduced by Surfware.

CIMdata believes that Step Reduction Milling could minimize or perhaps eliminate the industry's need for rest roughing and/or feed-rate optimization software. Both of these capabilities are generally viewed as advanced technologies that are important in roughing of molds or other parts with complex surfaces. To obviate the requirement for this type of software would be a significant accomplishment.

CIMdata is favorably impressed by the Step Reduction Milling software module developed by Surfware. It introduces a new and advanced process to automate and optimize the rough machining of complex surfaces. It is easy to use and appears to produce quality results. SRM is a significant enhancement in CAM programming technology that could obviate the need for some currently accepted machining techniques. It raises the programming effectiveness for rough machining to a higher level. SRM should be effective in any application where complex multiple surfaces are machined. Moldmakers should be especially pleased."

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