Case Study

Christmas Hampers With RFID Technology

Source: Intermec, Inc.

In Spain, the Christmas hamper (cesta de navidad) is the most popular and most widely-given gift, particularly among businesses. And Grupo Disber is Spain’s leading company in the production, sale and distribution of this product, offering a wide range of hamper options. It is also very much a seasonal business focused on the last few months of the year, where speed in meeting the demands of the market, tracking the product and the reliability of the operations are crucial. In record time, Tag Ingenieros Consultores and Intermec have developed a tracking solution based on RFID technology which has increased operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, and has reduced product handling and distribution errors to virtually zero.

The objective of the RFID project at Grupo Disber was full, automated, error-free tracking of these Christmas packages from the production stage through to dispatch, including monitoring refunds. It covered picking, palletization, pallet shrinkwrapping, transferring the pallets between warehouses and their temporary storage and dispatch to distributors and customers. Grupo Disber’s focus on innovation meant they were seeking a state-ofthe- art technology solution based on RFID technology. They used engineering company TAG Ingenieros Consultores, S.L., which carried out the project’s analysis, design, planning and execution with the help and support of Intermec, which provided all the RFID equipment needed to identify and track the Christmas packages and boxes.