The DA-2000 Feeder and the BC-166 Feeder Controller

Source: Camco Technologies

Dual Augers Allows Fast and Accurate Small and Large fills
Simplicity in Design:
  • Dual Augers Allows Fast and Accurate Small and Large fills
  • Quick Swap Hoppers - Change Chemicals fast
  • Off-The-Shelf Parts - Buy parts locally - no delays
  • Easy to Clean Hoppers
  • User Friendly Operation - 4 line Menu Select
  • Heavy Duty Construction -
  • User controlled pneumatic bridge breaking
  • Consistency - Double Check Each Weighment

Economy of Labor Resources - One man runs the line
Accountability - Full documentation of every Weighment
Support - Strong backgrounds in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Proven Designs - Our Controls have been employed for over 7 years.

Speed - Accuracy - Reliability:

If It Doesn't Pay For Its Self …. Don't Buy It!

With the Camco automated system Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability lead to Fast Return on Investment. Camco systems can handle batch processing involving hundreds of chemical powders with weighments from .25 pounds to 500 pounds. One man running the line can produce 2 to 3 batches containing 10 chemicals with consistent accuracy better that ± .007 Lbs. for most chemicals. The savings on labor cost are obvious. The savings on avoiding bad product waste and employee injuries can be a big factor for many companies. In most situations, Camco's Automated Systems will pay for themselves in 18 to 24 months. Automation will be a big factor in determining who survives in the labor intensive compounding industry.

Batch processing can be an exact science. The quickest way to lose money and customers is to mix up a bad batch of product. You need to be able to set your recipe weight tolerances and be absolutely sure that the batch will meet your specifications. With the Camco Weighing System, you can expect accuracy for most powders to fall within .004 and .009 pounds for most any weighment.

In a perfect world, most compounding managers would require that their feeders be able to deal with wide ranges of powders and wide ranges of pounds per fill. The DA-2000 system can handle fills from one-quarter pound to 500 pounds. And the quick-swap hoppers allow very fast chemical change.

Everyone knows that a smaller auger systems will sacrifice speed to provide more accurate fills. The beauty of the Camco's patented asymmetric, dual auger feeders is that the large 4" auger will provide large volume fills and will then disengage 3 seconds from the end of the fill to allow the small, 1.5 inch, auger, to continue to top-off the fill. You essentially get the benefit of 4 size feeders in one with the accuracy of a 1.5 inch auger.. Speeds and run times will vary depending on the weighment and will constantly adjust to try to achieve zero variation from the specification weight. The system is not satisfied with falling within tolerance range. Our software checks every fill and strives for zero variation on every fill. The BC-166 controller adjust the speed automatically on every fill. Because there are no dials to adjust, one man can run a line with 10 feeders with a second man setting up the next run.

In the multi-station, fully automated configuration each station will check the weight of the previous station. At the end of the line, the final check-scale will check the overall batch weight and compare it to your specified tolerance. If any scale becomes out of calibration, you will know it immediately. The line stops and the scale can be calibrated in minutes. Whether you have 3 or 9 weighing stations you can expect 2 to 4 bags (or Buckets) per minute coming off the line once the line gets populated. Each container seems to have a mind of its own and knows where to stop, when to pause, when to fill, how much to fill, if it didn't get the correct amount, and it knows to stay close to the container in front of it. Think about that for a minute.

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