News | May 28, 1999

Rosemount Analytical's Raman Analyzer now features Web-Enabled Interface

The Process Analytic Division of Rosemount Analytical Inc. has introduced an in-situ, Web-Enabled Raman analyzer for demanding process applications including chemical, food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Raman Analyzer delivers value where other techniques have been unsuccessful. Its unique design permits analysis of processes containing bubbles, suspended particulates, and viscous polymeric materials. Furthermore, Raman measures organic and inorganic constituents in aqueous processes in addition to its capability for analyzing organic specialty chemicals and hydrocarbons. Of those analyzers already installed and operating, paybacks have been as brief as one month, achieved through increased quality and reactor throughput.

The enhanced Raman Analyzer revolutionizes information management by acting not only as an analyzer, but also as a server providing instant diagnostics, calibration capabilities, alarms and process information anywhere the Internet is accessible in an easy to manipulate Web page format.

The system maintains information integrity through the use of password protection. Via Ethernet connections, the Raman Analyzer can be established on both a local or wide area network. These capabilities are especially beneficial for analyzer maintenance and for facilities that combine business management with process information.

The instrument was developed through a joint agreement between the Eastman Chemical Company and Rosemount Analytical and is complementary to Rosemount Analytical's near infrared (NIR) AOTF spectrometer. Rather than being based on absorption of light by samples, Raman spectroscopy measures the light scattered by molecules.

The Process Analytic is one of the three companies that form Rosemount Analytical Inc., a division of Fisher-Rosemount. The Process Analytic Division, based in Orrville, OH, specializes in online process analysis, combustion control and emissions monitoring. The Uniloc Division specializes in online measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved carbon dioxide, chlorine, ozone and turbidity. Tekmar-Dohrmann specializes in sample preparation and laboratory analysis technology.