DIN Rail Mount Terminal Blocks

Source: Wieland Inc.

DIN Rail Mount Terminal Blocks
As the company which first introduced DIN rail mount terminal blocks to the US marketplace, Wieland has long
As the company which first introduced DIN rail mount terminal blocks to the US marketplace, Wieland has long known the importance of offering the highest quality connections available. Our terminal blocks provide customers with the most secure connections available. Our DIN rail mount product offering spans from basic feed through blocks to specialty feed through blocks for proximity sensors to fuse blocks to European neutral bus bar disconnect blocks and everything in between.

Some of the standard features of our blocks include:

•The narrowest blocks per current rating available
•Secure rising cage clamp terminations
•Cage clamp screws are captive in the plastic body (unlike many manufacturers whose metal components tend to fall out)
•CE certification covering our complete range of terminal blocks
•Touch safe jumpering systems
•Universal mounting feet (mounts to all types of TS32 and TS35 DIN rail)
•9700 series provided standard with nickel plating (highly corrosion resistant)
•Very low contact resistance

Wieland's rising cage clamp design offers customers a secure termination point. The clamp is rolled with the bend on the underside of the current bar. This means that customers do not have to worry about the screw binding within the bend if it were on top of the current bar. Also, as seen here our screw heads are captive within the entry for the screwdriver. It is virtually impossible to remove the screws, current bar, and cage clamps without heavy tampering with the terminal block. Also as shown here our jumper bars may be supplied with a plastic cap over the top resulting in a completely touch safe block.

Wieland's terminal block line is complemented with a diverse assortment of accessories. Just a few of our accessories include: end sections, partitions, jumper bars, warning covers, test bolts and plugs, switchable links for current testing, and handy partition plates which can be inserted after a rail assembly has been built. One of our most popular accessories is our quick mounting tool, which is supplied free of charge. This quick mounting tool allows you to easily pick up 10 block sections from a box of terminal blocks and quickly attach them to the DIN rail.

As shown here Wieland offers a diverse selection of specialty blocks. Just a few of our application specific blocks are:

•Fuse blocks
•Disconnect blocks
•Multi-tier blocks
•Thermocouple terminal blocks
•Sliding link disconnects for current transformer testing
•Multi-tier blocks for proximity switch connections
•Mini-blocks for mounting on TS15 DIN rail
•Ground blocks
•Neutral busbar disconnect blocks

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