News | October 16, 2017

CDG Announces Completion Of New Network / Plant Module

Champaign, IL /PRNewswire/ - Communications Data Group (CDG) is pleased to announce the completion of its new MBS Network / Plant module, an integrated next generation network design/inventory management system created to reflect core network design and end-customer circuit representations. The module provides companies the ability to define, track, and efficiently manage every aspect of their inside and outside plant network, from wire centers, racks, and circuits to end points. Plant assets can also be assigned custom defined attributes and linked to associated MBS subscriber account services and trouble tickets.

According to Mike Chalk, CDG's Vice President of Product Development, "The integration of core-network functionality and the use of hierarchies to establish and track relationships between parent and child plant elements in a company's network have exponentially increased the capabilities of the system. With the Network / Plant module, companies can efficiently manage their inside and outside plant assets through a common system, easily see the relationships between circuit elements, effectively mine their data to help optimize their asset allocation, and, through tools like our integrated Query Reporting Tool (QRT), effortlessly define and export data to third party external systems, including mapping tools."

The scalability of the system also provides companies the flexibility to manage their networks on their terms. "Information can be as macro as two end points of a customer premise circuit," notes MBS Developer Chris Lee, "or as detailed as defining each element in the physical signal path from the chassis in a particular rack at a specific wire center to an exact port on the ONT at a customer's premise." Whether a company requires highly detailed facility records, including custom defined attributes, or more general information, the Network / Plant module is designed to handle any level of detail needed.

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SOURCE: Communications Data Group

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