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Bentley Unveils New OpenPlant Products And Announces Value-Creative Pricing

Source: Bentley Systems, Inc.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for the infrastructure that sustains our world, recently unveiled three innovative Bentley OpenPlant products: Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i, Bentley OpenPlant ModelServer V8i, and Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i. OpenPlant has been developed to uniquely meet the new requirements of today's globally-sourced, loosely-coupled project environments: universal accessibility, concurrent file- and component-based workflows, and comprehensive applications and services. Bentley also announced value-creative pricing, including a new Passport Subscription for piping designers, that's less than the maintenance charges for other vendors' proprietary systems. In a separate announcement, Bentley recommended a "Smart Plan" for consideration by PDS users preferring a sustained return on their investments (

The OpenPlant breakthrough is that it uniquely addresses all of these modern requirements in combination:

  • Universal accessibility: OpenPlant incorporates Bentley's robust MicroStation platform – the market leader for plant creation – to provide intrinsic interoperability across DGN- and DWG-based interfaces and applications already familiar to almost all infrastructure professionals, especially in operating plants. By way of the MicroStation platform, its users are assured of information modeling continuity, including proactive support of emerging data types such as 3D PDF and point clouds. The "OpenPlant Services" packaging enables breakthroughs in ease of use and affordability, as MicroStation installations and licensing are not required, and subscription licensing is role-based. OpenPlant is intrinsically based on the open ISO 15926 data schema, assuring universal accessibility for dispersed project teams using disparate systems across the project lifecycle.
  • Concurrent file- and component-based workflows: OpenPlant fully leverages ProjectWise collaboration servers, which are mission critical to managing distributed enterprise workflows across a wide range of disciplines and project types. Designed for today's real-world project environments encompassing individual practitioners, globally distributed engineering/procurement/construction contractors, and small- and large-scale modularization of plant projects, OpenPlant adroitly meets the resulting challenges for design, engineering, and handover throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Comprehensive applications and services: OpenPlant robustly supports applications for every infrastructure discipline with software and information modeling services that enable the integration of civil, geotechnical, electrical, instrumentation, equipment, structural, piping, and environmental engineering, and construction.

These new OpenPlant offerings being demonstrated at DIGITAL PLANT will be released by the end of Q2 2010:

  • OpenPlant Modeler V8i, the first 3D plant modeling software based on ISO 15926, is both more versatile and productive than any existing "3-D piping" application. Crucially, OpenPlant Modeler V8i supports project workflows for engineering, tracking, and management at the component level ("data-centric design"), while concurrently also accepting as well as producing conventional ("file-based design") work packaging.
  • OpenPlant ModelServer V8i provides management of components on a ProjectWise server for distributed team collaboration. In addition, OpenPlant ModelServer V8i can automatically migrate PDS models, as well as piping catalogs and specifications, to ISO 15926 so the PDS data can be readily shared across applications.
  • OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i extracts isometric information in a neutral format so it can be easily maintained, modified, and tracked outside of design systems. This new tool provides management control capabilities for pipe models and isometrics from not only OpenPlant, but also PDS.

Bentley's OpenPlant offerings will be available to individual practitioners through a new value-creative Bentley Passport Subscription, which will allow piping designers to employ the same world-class information modeling best practices that give larger organizations a competitive edge. For a single annual fee of $5,995, Bentley's Designer for Piping Passport Subscription (OpenPlant) will include Bentley OpenPlant Modeler, Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager, ProSteel Modeler, MicroStation, ProjectWise Passport, and ProjectWise Clash Resolution Visa – plus complete virtual training.

Organizations choosing to acquire plant creation software for their project teams via perpetual licenses will also save substantially with Bentley's OpenPlant offerings. OpenPlant Modeler V8i will be priced at $7,295, OpenPlant ModelServer V8i at $25,000, and OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i at $6,500.

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SOURCE: Bentley Systems, Inc.