News | February 3, 2021

Agent Factory Announces Collaboration With Microsoft To Enable Smart Logistics Solutions With Advanced 3D Vision Technologies

Tel Aviv, Israel /PRNewswire/ - AGENT FACTORY LTD., based in Israel, announces its collaboration with Microsoft's Azure Depth Platform program, aimed at democratizing cloud connected 3D sensing. In this collaboration, Agent Factory leverages advanced 3D sensing technologies by Microsoft in its AI solutions, to advance automation, digitalization and optimization of logistics operations.

Building a fully automated warehouse and logistics solution from the grounds-up is rarely an option for many companies. This is where Agent Factory's Smart Logistics solutions come in - allowing companies of all sizes to harness the power of AI and 3D sensing. This solution is deployed without a significant up-front investment, and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows.

Agent Factory's solutions leverage Microsoft's IoT Edge platform to provide easy to deploy and secure on-prem components that allow fast near-real-time intelligent processing of captured 3D data. Key information is relayed to Azure Cloud for more advanced processing, storage and retrieval. "We designed our solution using a hybrid approach combining Microsoft Azure IoT Edge platform with the intelligent cloud. It allows us to perform initial processing on large amounts of data while forwarding fraction of the data to the cloud for more advanced analysis," said Avihai Lifschitz, Chief Scientist of Agent Factory.

Boaz Ein-Gil, Agent Factory's CEO said: "There are many opportunities to improve logistics workflows ranging from better tracking of freights to automating placement and retrieval. Microsoft's 3D sensing technology allows fast high fidelity visual signal acquisition in a reliable manner, that goes beyond any traditional computer vision alternatives."

Agent Factory recently completed a successful POC with Aleh-Aleh, an Israeli grower and distributor of fresh agricultural products - click here to watch a short video case study. In this POC, freight measurement is performed on-the-fly while forklifts move fresh produce into the warehouse. Learn more about this solution on our blog - Making Logistics Smart.

"We are delighted that Agent Factory is part of our Azure Depth Platform program, combining our 3D vision technology with Microsoft Azure, to efficiently solve real world problems. We are looking forward to scaling and expanding the target industries and scenarios with more solutions from Agent Factory and other ISVs. To learn more about our program visit:," said Cyrus Bamji, Partner Hardware Architect at Microsoft.

An Israeli-based start-up, Agent Factory brings state-of-the-art AI technology to business problems. It helps companies large and small harness the power of AI to advance their business. In the logistics space, using 3D sensing, location and historical data it's able to improve throughput, efficiency and top and bottom-line results for its customers.

Source: Agent Factory Ltd.

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